How to create xml sitemap, Is there any plugin?

(Siraj Mahmood) #1

I’m a beginner and still my site have no sitemap, on my forum 10+ topic has been created but still Google crawler do not crawl this because I have no sitemap. On admin side, there is no sitemap option like

Please help me, how can I generate finest one sitemap, which can easily automatically update itself for future topics or post pages.

Discourse Sitemap Plugin
(Robin Ward) #2

Discourse doesn’t have sitemap support. You shouldn’t need it – none of our sites have it and google indexes them fine. It is more likely you haven’t been crawled yet.

(Johnathan Nader) #3

@eviltrout I wouldn’t necessarily dismiss that there is no need for a site-map. As it is unlikely google/yahoo/etc will fully crawl all the sites unless otherwise given a index of it. Other than time it takes, I can not see any negative effect only positive for having a sitemap, especially one as the discourse grows and gets larger.

(Robin Ward) #4

We’ve put lots of work into making sure Google can crawl the pages it needs to already, and it’s clearly working given our results / SEO for any of the many sites we host.

I’d rather we spend our time on a specific example of something that is not being indexed properly.

If it’s really important, perhaps someone could create a sitemap plugin. If it shows any improvement in SEO that would go a long way to convince us to put this in core.

Forum not being updated on search engines
(Siraj Mahmood) #5

But can someone tell me, I installed discourse 4 days ago still Google not crawl any single page of my site. Do i need to ping Google crawler? Any suggestion :evergreen_tree:

(Neil Lalonde) #6

I’m not an SEO consultant, but can’t you use Google Webmaster Tools to add the site and find out why Google isn’t crawling your site?

(Charles Walter) #7

I did it using Google sheets and uploading the sitemap file to a post in staff.

(Siraj Mahmood) #8

@neil You means that, do not need to use Google Webmaster Tool. Is it Ok?

(Charles Walter) #9

Here were the steps I took.

Used Google Analytics to get an export of all /c pages without query parameters.
Setup Google sheets to format the sitemap.xml file
Enabled .xml files in settings
Uploaded the file to a topic in Staff.
Added the URL to Google Webmasters.

Happy to help with the 2nd item if you have questions.

(Charles Walter) #10

Of course, this is manual for any categories. My expectation is that the spiders will appropriately index the topics from the category pages themselves. But there may be a way to add RSS files as well.

(Siraj Mahmood) #11

@charleswalter will you please tell me, after add/upload first time on server this .xml file. In future topics and categories will automatically added in it or we need to add every single topic or category manually?

(Charles Walter) #12

Sorry, it’s manual. I did this just for categories, with the expectation that the topics will continue to get indexed by Google as they crawl the category. Perhaps there’s an RSS listing of the categories if your site is that dynamic.

(Siraj Mahmood) #13

But why @codinghorror and other discourse team said, discourse no need to add any XML sitemap. Google will crawl pages automatically without demanding any sitemap. And I think they are absolutely right because few minutes ago Bing crawl my site, whereas still we have no sitemap for Google or any other search engine. Even we do not submit our site to any search engine. I saw this few minutes ago and it’s wonderful.

(Mittineague) #14

Coincidentally, I just posted a related reply on our forum

(Jeff Atwood) #15