How to customize label after "input name" in signup page?

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Is it possible not to display Site statistics in Page" About"?
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Just to redefine my need.

I’ d like to replace “Your Full Name.” by “Your Full Name. Never shown publicly.” after the “Input Name” of the signup page.
I used the following css rule in admin section but unfortunately it doesn’t work, the content is still added for all the labels of the inputs in signup page instead of only for the label of the “Name” input.

Here is the css rule I used in the admin section :
.create-account tr.instructions label:nth-of-type(1):after
content:“Never shown to the public.”

Thanks for your ideas.

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Hi all

Any ideas for this topic ?


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You will need to set up a localization override:


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Ok . I would like to try to modify one of these yml files but my discourse forum has been deployed in DigitalOcean using the github setup recommendation and I am afraid I didn’t know which repository of my forum corresponds to $home.
I found something like /var/lib/docker using “find command” but this repository contains many subdirectories.


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Hi all,

@riking , @sam : Did that mean I have got to modify /var/discourse/containers/app.yml to replace “Your full name” by “Your full name; Never shown publicly” for the label after the input name field of the signup page ?
Is there an easier way to do that ? And what if I wanted to modify this in English and in French too ?

Thank you for help and advices