How to Delete a Category


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Hello, I know that this has been asked in the past but I am still unable to find a solution.

I want to delete a category, but it won’t let me because the topic count is 1. However, the only topic in the category is the “About this category” topic, which I am unable to delete.

Is there a solution to this?


(Emma Furtado) #2

I thought there had to be a few posts to prevent you from deleting a category.

Can you delete that one post? Or move it to another category then delete it?

(Fellowship Forums) #3

It won’t let me delete it, and it won’t let me move it…


Is one of the defaults categories or it is one you created?

Which category do you want to eliminate? What is the name of it?

(Fellowship Forums) #5

It is a category that I created. It is called “Fall 2017”.

There is one post titled" About the Fall 2017 Category". I am unable to delete this post, and as a result, am unable to delete the category.


(cpradio) #6

I wonder if it has anything to do with the small post actions on the topic.


You shouldn’t need to delete that post, those ones don’t block category deletion.

Can you show us the error you are seeing when you try to delete the category?

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(HopscotchRemixer) #9

Maybe add an extra topic?

(Fellowship Forums) #10

Added a second topic called “test”. Didn’t work

(cpradio) #11

Are you logged in as the admin, can you load this page and copy/paste the output here?


Very weird :thinking:

Move all discussions to other category (lounge, staff, or someone for staff only), and try to delete again.

(Dje4321) #13

Can you confirm your on the latest version?
What plugins are installed if any?

(Mittineague) #14

Do oneboxes of a topic count as a post? Might that be applicable for this topic?

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{"users":[{"id":2,"username":"David_Senensky","avatar_template":"/letter_avatar_proxy/v2/letter/d/b77776/{size}.png"}],"primary_groups":[],"topic_list":{"can_create_topic":true,"draft":null,"draft_key":"new_topic","draft_sequence":156,"per_page":30,"tags":[],"topics":[{"id":25,"title":"About the Fall 2017 category","fancy_title":"About the Fall 2017 category","slug":"about-the-fall-2017-category","posts_count":7,"reply_count":0,"highest_post_number":11,"image_url":null,"created_at":"2018-01-23T02:53:48.850Z","last_posted_at":"2018-02-26T19:02:52.160Z","bumped":true,"bumped_at":"2018-02-26T19:02:49.766Z","unseen":false,"last_read_post_number":11,"unread":0,"new_posts":0,"pinned":false,"unpinned":null,"visible":true,"closed":false,"archived":true,"notification_level":2,"bookmarked":false,"liked":false,"views":21,"like_count":0,"has_summary":false,"archetype":"regular","last_poster_username":"David_Senensky","category_id":13,"pinned_globally":false,"tags":[],"featured_link":null,"has_accepted_answer":false,"posters":[{"extras":"latest single","description":"Original Poster, Most Recent Poster","user_id":2,"primary_group_id":null}]},{"id":272,"title":"Test","fancy_title":"Test","slug":"test","posts_count":1,"reply_count":0,"highest_post_number":1,"image_url":null,"created_at":"2018-02-26T22:05:48.147Z","last_posted_at":"2018-02-26T22:05:48.265Z","bumped":true,"bumped_at":"2018-02-26T22:05:48.265Z","unseen":false,"last_read_post_number":1,"unread":0,"new_posts":0,"pinned":false,"unpinned":null,"visible":true,"closed":false,"archived":false,"notification_level":3,"bookmarked":false,"liked":false,"views":1,"like_count":0,"has_summary":false,"archetype":"regular","last_poster_username":"David_Senensky","category_id":13,"pinned_globally":false,"tags":[],"featured_link":null,"has_accepted_answer":false,"posters":[{"extras":"latest single","description":"Original Poster, Most Recent Poster","user_id":2,"primary_group_id":null}]}]}}`

(Fellowship Forums) #16

Hmm we don’t have any other discussions in that category?

(Fellowship Forums) #17

How do I confirm these things?

We purchased discourse via

We haven’t installed any plugins since getting started…

(Fellowship Forums) #18

Sorry, I’m not sure what a onebox is.

(Dje4321) #19

goto /admin/upgrade to check for updates

goto /admin/plugins to see what plugins are installed and enabled

(Fellowship Forums) #20

It’s telling me that the upgrade page doesn’t work

Regarding plugins, we have:

Name Version Enabled?
Discourse Adsense 1.3.1 Y
discourse-akismet 0.1.0 N Settings
discourse-data-explorer 0.2 N Settings
discourse-details 0.4 Y Settings
discourse-migratepassword 0.6a Y
discourse-narrative-bot 0.0.1 Y Settings
discourse-nginx-performance-report 0.1 Y
discourse-patreon 2.0 N Settings
discourse-presence 1.0 Y Settings
Discourse Sitemap 1.1 N Settings
discourse-slack-official 1.1.2 N Settings
discourse-solved 0.1 Y Settings
Spoiler Alert! 0.3 Y Settings
discourse-staff-notes 0.0.2 N Settings
lazyYT 1.0.1 Y
poll 0.9 Y