How to delete a post completely?

(Nowindlee) #1

When I delete a post (I’m admin), it will hidden for other users, but not for me. It will have a red background and stay there. Is it possible to delete completely? Since some posts are really useless, and I don’t want to see them anymore.

Deleted posts will now be collapsed by default
(Ides) #2

I would expect a button that is labeled delete would delete the content permanently.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Not currently possible at this time. The best you can do is edit the content to (removed by moderator) or something similar.

(BDub) #4

I’m just noticing this as well and just wen’t looking for an answer. Sorry to dig up this old but relevant post. Not to give this too much emotion, but the red posts are personally kind of annoying to continue to see. Is there a technical reason why they can’t be deleted permanently?

(Kane York) #5

Deleted posts are now collapsed by default in latest: