How to delete a topic/post?



I just installed Discourse and I am trying to clean up and delete some of the topics that were created by default. However, I can’t find a “delete topic” button anywhere. I then posted my own test message, and again, there is no option to delete it. I can archive, I can hide, but I can’t delete.

Any clues?



Hi there,
It should be under the settings wrench over to the right of the topic. That’s where you archive as well though…
Can you see it as in the images below?


No, my wrench menu looks different. I don’t have the “Pin Topic” and the “Delete Topic” options. This is a fresh install, mind you. No settings were changed really.


Ok now it’s getting weird. This only seems to happen on some of the topics, not all of them. For example, in the default “Lounge” category, there are two default posts that came with the installation. The one named “Welcome to the Lounge” has the delete button, the one named “About the Lounge Category” does not.


Oh, yup – you can’t delete those About topics. Edit them to explain the purpose of the category. They’ll drop to the bottom of the feed in time, but you need them there because they display as excerpts on the categories page.

(Jay Pfaffman) #6

What most people do is just make those categories visible only to Staff.

As @HAWK points out, the About topic cannot be deleted.


Ah ok. That makes sense. Thanks guys!