How to disable compose preview pane by default?

(Nick Grossman) #1

Hi –

For our install, I’d like to disable to preview pane in the topic composer window.

Is there an easy way to do that via a config somewhere?

If not, I’ll just try to figure out how to hack that into the template – I’m new to this app, so if anyone has any pointers on where best to start with that, I’d appreciate it.


(Kane York) #2
  1. Why would you want to do that?
  2. If you’re worried about mobile, this already happens there.

Do you actually have users complaining about the preview pane? Or do you just think that they will?

(Sam Saffron) #3

You really don’t want to do that, as a side effect a lot of the optimisations I made last week that make posting so smooth would just be lost.

(Nick Grossman) #4

Yeah, just my first reaction as we explore the app. Seems distracting and heavy to me – I’d prefer to keep it more streamlined. On our current site we don’t get a lot of posts/comments that contain HTML or formatting, so I’m not really worried about the live preview functionality

(Sam Saffron) #5

By hiding preview by default the UI flow is

  • Saving …
  • Post saves
  • Post zooms in

Without a hiding preview

  • Saving…
  • Post renders and highlights and is navigated to
  • Post is saved

It is a far smoother experience. You could disable the preview with CSS if you insisted. But you are likely to break stuff if not careful.

(Kane York) #6

You just remember that because you were working on it recently :stuck_out_tongue:

The UI of showing that “Oh, the bold button only takes effect on the right side”, as well as images & embeds and stuff, is actually more important than the saving flow IMO.

Someone’s going to explore the composer, try the buttons, and say “Hey, that doesn’t look bold to me” and bug @nickgrossman about it :wink:

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Hmm so the preview is somehow used as part of the client side posting optimistic UI update on save @sam? So when it is completey removed from the template (instead of just clicking “hide preview” in the bottom right of the composer…) that causes problems?

(Sam Saffron) #8

That works, just behaves same way mobile does, so you don’t get the optimistic update.

We have no way of cleanly invoking our markdown “bake” function from code which is weird (cause we need to do async calls for mentions and oneboxes)

(Nick Grossman) #9

Gotcha. Ok, thanks. We may experiment with that.

I see now that the more you use the complex embeds (quotes, etc), the more the preview panel becomes important

My reaction is just that in the simplest case – essentially leaving a comment on a post – it is jarring and a lot to take in

Especially because we are considering switching from a simple comments system (disqus) that has a very basic (in a good way) UI. So I am looking for ways to make the transition as seamless as possible

(btw the site in question is we have a dev site,, which pulls front page posts from our test discourse install,