How to disable "Force SSL" using Console?

(Hammad Abbasi) #1

I have checked this flag and removed SSL (as it was not working with multi-site) but after this change my first domain still redirects to HTTPS which is now broken.

So I believe it was due to this property and I want to disable it from rails console but can’t find this property in SiteSettings variable

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

(Matt Palmer) #2

The site setting name is force_https.

(Hammad Abbasi) #3

It’s false but when i visit forum it redirects to https, any ideas?

(Matt Palmer) #4

Track down what’s making the redirect, and fix it. tcpdump and strace are your friends.

(Hammad Abbasi) #5

I am still unable to resolve this issue, I have uninstalled and reinstalled few times but no lock, Stopped the docker service and still it’s redirecting to https (not sure how is it even possible if nginx runs inside docker) traced request and turns out it is being served by /message-bus/ controller and then it’s redirected to https.

Not sure where the problem is.

@mpalmer any advice here ?