How to disable the digest for users who already opted for it



I have just disabled “the digest email”. So, from now on, new users registering in our site won’t be receiving the digest emails at all. I created a test account and found that its disabled by default.
But, old users in the site, still have the setting turned on. Manually going to their profiles and then turning it off is going to consume a lot of time.
So, is there any way to turn it off for all the old users?

(Daniela) #2

This is the correct way:

But read this topic too:


Won’t this setting work:

(Daniela) #4

If I remember correctly I don’t think it’s retroactive, it’s only for new users.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #5

The disable digest emails setting does disable digest emails for all users. It is not a “default user preference” setting, it simply disables the email entirely.