How to easily unsubscribe a user from all emails?

(Thomas K. Running) #1

Hi guys! We have a Discourse installation using SSO, where users from our main site is automatically signed up to Discourse as well.

In the past we have mostly emailed our users from Mailchimp, so if someone reaches out and asks us to unsubscribe them from all emails we’ve just unsubscribed them there. Now, with emails going out from Discourse as well I’ve been looking for an easy way for me to manually unsubscribing a user from emails (not deleting their account).

I haven’t been able to find a quick and easy method for this—am I missing something?

I’ve gone to Teleport Community and unchecked all relevant boxes there, but there seems to be no option to absolutely never receive any emails again. I.e. we have digests/summary emails turned off globally. If I uncheck all options on someone’s account (there’s no option for digests now while disabled), and we later enable digests, will that user then start receiving digests?

Basically I’m looking for a similar option to the “Never receive emails from [Discourse name]” option that users have when clicking unsubscribe in an email from Discourse, but that can be enabled by me, the admin.


(Jeff Atwood) #2

If you uncheck all email boxes in the user’s preferences, either through code or by physically clicking, that is all that is necessary – they won’t receive any email at that point.