How to edit Email Notification when a post is approved by admin (Post Moderation)

(Okimangelo) #1

Please guide me which Email Template to edit for the email notification sent when the post is approved by the admin during post moderation. Thank you.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Search for the relevant words in Admin, Customize, Text Content. If you search for the words you will find the text to edit.

(Okimangelo) #3

Thank you Jeff. I have spent a lot of time searching but unfortunately I was not able to find the answers.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Did you try searching Admin, Customize, Text Context for the word “approve”?

(Matthew Keath) #5

Hi, if you could point us in the right direction that would be great. We have both tried searching as you suggested, but no luck. (In fact this thread is the only thread)


(Jeff Atwood) #6

Sure here is a screenshot

Scroll down to see all matches.