How to Edit Topic Meta Title?

(Siraj Mahmood) #1

Actually I want to edit Discourse meta-title, which appear in search engine with topics so is it possible. Can we exclude category name in topic title or some another changes in title?

Because in search engine title showing too much long and not Seo friendly.

Please help me to find out the best solution to make it Seo friendly.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

There is no way to edit this at the current time.

(Siraj Mahmood) #3

Thus, this is against Seo rules.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

No, it is set up optimally for 99% of uses, so that it is not necessary to edit. Best practices are “built in” everywhere we can in Discourse.

(Sam Saffron) #5

I still don’t understand how having the title of a topic be the title that shows up in Google search results is somehow SEO unfriendly.

Imagine if when people search for this topic on Google they find “Martians land on Earth” as the title, then click through and find this. How is that better than what we have today :alien:

(Dominic Woodman) #6

I think there are some cases (smaller numbers) where it could be useful and you could improve on the default, if moderators were feeling particularly hands on. Title tags can have a large effect. Equally it does give the potential for people to mislead and perhaps make their titles worse.

  • If someone makes a great post with more of an editorial title that you wanted to give more exposure too. i.e. Perhaps a post about caching in Drupal called “Speeding up tortoise in Drupal”, would be better with a title tag “A guide to caching in Drupal” from an SEO point of view.
  • Topics that don’t summarize usefully into the characters shown. “Breaking News: Martian’s discovered to have been here since the 90s. - Science Meta”, could be improved by changing to “Martian’s living on Earth since 90s - Science Meta”.
    Or perhaps a version of the original question if it had been posted as “Confusion with Wordpress pricing options, do I need to pay? - Wordpress - KI Forum - Knowledge Idea”, might be worth renaming to “Do I need to pay for Wordpress? - KI Forum”

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #7

Why editing the topic title would not work on those cases?

(Dominic Woodman) #8

In the first case, I guess it probably depends on your kind of forum? Personally I wouldn’t want to re-write an editorial title, as I think it’s too intrusive on the users content just for SEO, particularly when you could just change a title tag. There may also be on-site CTR benefits to having both (i.e. keeping users around). I know RedBull use editorial titles and SEO titles for that.

In the second one, I think that would definitely work for many of the cases. I do think you might want to speak differently to a community than to visitors coming from Google. For example suppose I had a thread:

“Let’s discuss the positives and negatives of migrating from Drupal to Wordpress”

From the forum point of view, I like the attitude and call to engage that comes from the question. If it turns into an amazing thread though for searches I might want to alter the SEO title to:

“What to be aware of migrating from Drupal to Wordpress”

It’s a more informational, searchable title, but I think less inviting from a community point of view. Having said that, I think your suggestion would also work for quite a few of those scenarios.

A third possible case that’s just occurred to me: if a forum puts qualifiers at the beginning of types of posts, perhaps to make things more searchable internally or immediately flag things for users:

[Screenshots Included] - 8 steps to retune a Gibson Guitar
[Stickied Post] - 8 steps to retune a Gibson Guitar