How to enable digest emails?



I’ve been having trouble finding documentation on how to get the digest emails working, or at least find out if they’re meant to be on by default / or if I’m doing something wrong.

Do I need to do something to enable digest emails?

Should users get digest emails by default from all categories? Or do they need to subscribe to the categories or something first?

Testing the “Preview digest” feature in the control panel shows nothing, even though there’s new threads on the forum.

When I look under /admin/email/all and filter on “digest”, I only see a few digest emails from Oct 2015 (a couple of months ago). None since, even though there has been activity on the forum, and user accounts not logged into since.

Do I need to trigger a cron job or something? I’m using the usual recommended way of installing (docker on Ubuntu), so I would assume that cron would already be set up? Although I’m not very familiar with docker at all.

It’s definitely not a spam filter issue, the digest emails aren’t in the outgoing discourse email log, SPF passes, and all other emails are received fine.

I’ve got a couple of accounts on my forum, my main admin one, and a regular user (which I only ever logged into a couple of times over the last few months). So that user account at least should get the weekly digest I would have thought?

I’m probably missing something very basic here?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

By default, digest emails only go out to accounts that have not been seen on the site in the specified time interval. I believe the default is 2 weeks.


Yeah most of my users haven’t logged in for ages (including my own admin and user accounts), there’s new threads, but zero digest emails going out.

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #4

If mailing_list_mode is active for a user, I think its digests are skipped entirely.

Tell us more about the default settings you have in place for your users?


My whole site is pretty much default settings.

The setting "default email mailing list mode" has "Send an email for every new post by default." unticked. Is that the mailing_list_mode setting you’re talking about @watchmanmonitor?

So just to clarify a few of things…

  1. I don’t need to manually set up a cron job or anything?

  2. Digest emails should go out with default settings? It’s not something that needs to be set up / enabled? (assuming other emails are working)

  3. By default all users who haven’t logged in for a while (either a week or 2 weeks?) should get a digest email of all new threads from all categories? They don’t need to opt-in in any way?

(Régis Hanol) #6

Nope, it’s all taken care of by Discourse.

Yes they are enabled by default.

That’s right :wink:


Still no luck with getting digest emails working. Here’s my settings when I filter on “digest”, they’re all default:

When I filter on “Only show overridden” for all settings, none of the stuff I’ve set has anything to do with digest emails. The only email settings I’ve overridden are “contact email” and “notification email”, which are working for all other types of outgoing emails. I’m sending email through Mailgun, When I look in the “Admin > Email > Sent” items I can see everything else going out fine, but the only digest emails were to my own accounts back in October. Plenty of users that should have been receiving them since, including my own accounts, but nothing going out.

So it’s pretty much a very simple default install.

Tried rebooting the server too.

And I’m on the latest version: v1.5.0.beta6 +8

Should these warnings matter in regards to digest emails? …

It’s got 1GB of swap, and never uses more than about 300MB of it, so the memory shouldn’t be an issue unless there’s something specifically coded to prevent digest emails based on actual RAM.

Also I see this at the top of the home page…

…What does “30” mean?

Thanks for any help anyone can and has provided. I’d really love to get this working, because it’s a new forum and most of my users don’t return on their own, because there isn’t much activity or replies to their threads yet. The digest emails would really really help kick this along in my case.

My site is: - it’s got about 50 users signed up and only about 5 of them have been to the site in the last week. No users have ever been sent a digest email apart from a couple of accounts I made myself, and those only went out once in October.

If there’s any logs or anything I can provide to help, please let me know. I’ve got plenty of general Linux sysadmin experience, but am a total n00b to docker.



I’ve migrated my forum to a new server, running the latest version of Discourse. I used the regular backup restore file upload thing.

Still no luck getting even “Preview Digest” to work for any users/dates at all, except for the “Website performance reports” thread, does this give any clues? No other threads by users ever show up in the “Preview Digest” feature, regardless of dates/usernames entered.

Question: when using the “Preview Digest” feature, do I need to enter a username, or can it be left blank to mean “any users”? I’m trying with both.

Would anyone please be able to point me to which source code file(s) on github I can take a look through to see what the process is exactly how discourse finds recent threads for the “Preview Digest” feature and the actual digest sending? I tried doing a search for “digest” but got 142 results, and haven’t programmed in Ruby before, so not sure where do look exactly.

I would also really appreciate if anyone has any tips to help be debug this. I’ve got a fair amount of general Linux sysadmin experience, but am new to Discourse, Docker, Ruby and Postgres. So some quick pointers on where to look would be really helpful thanks.

If there’s any other info I can provide, please let me know.


FYI: my digest emails started working on their own within the last 24 hours. First time they’ve been working since October 2015.

I didn’t change anything, so maybe the last update I ran fixed something?

I’m currently on version: v1.6.0.beta1 +14.

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #10

Quite possibly: