How to encourage the creation of topics?


I have a small forum, but it has a good interaction. It has around 200 members and more than 5000 posts.

But very few topics are created. The reasons for this, according to my investigations are:

  1. There is no emphasis on the create button topic. Some people came to ask me where it was (and was not user level 0)
  2. The natural shyness to create topics.

Obviously, I will do some campaign to try to reduce shyness. If anyone has suggestions about that, I’m open.

But I think the system can do something about it. I have no solutions, but some suggestions:

More emphasis on the creation of topics.

On Facebook, the creation of topics is highlighted at the top of the group:

When the user clicks “Escreva algo” (write something), the editor opens. Could there be something like this in Discourse. A pre-editor prominently in the top of the homepage. Perhaps it could be like this to reply a topic.

##Possibility to create topics from links##

In my experience with Facebook groups. most of the discussions were created based on a link. A news or an article with a comment or text starting the debate.

In Discourse this is not possible. Not all links generate embed (like Wikipedia).

A suggestion:

In the beginning, to get used to the editor, Facebook had a “Share Link” option in the options editor. Today, everyone knows that just paste and this is embeddded.

Sorry for my English, I’m not a native and I’m terrible with grammar. I tried to be understandable. My suggestions are perhaps not the best. But I want to bring this difficulty I’m having with my experience with the Discourse. I just think it could be a way to entices the user to create a topic.

The beauty of Discourse is that many of the difficulties are resolved with features. This may be the case.

(Kane York) #2

Hm. What if you try this CSS?

@import "theme_variables";

button#create-topic {
    background: $tertiary;
    color: $secondary;

(Michael Downey) #3

Love this. Wish it were default. :slight_smile: