How to exclude categories from email notifications? Or set prioritized categories?

(Tobias Eigen) #1

It’s possible to exclude categories from the top view. But the same categories I’d like to exclude from the top view are still overwhelmingly featured in email notifications. Is there a way to exclude topics from email notifications, or to at least change the weight/priority given to different categories so the most important categories don’t get drowned out/pushed to the bottom and off the notifications?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This is yet another reason this stuff needs to be set in the category edit preferences. cc: @sam.

Ironically we used to have a “hotness” score for the category but I think the use case is different here, you really want these categories suppressed from a bunch of places.

(Tobias Eigen) #3

Thanks for looking into this - much appreciated.

There’s a discussion happening on my forum now about notifications and how to make sure we are all getting informed about topics that are important to us.

Here is what one volunteer wrote today - I guess I could have written this in a separate support request but it seems related. The blog category is completely overwhelming the digests, pushing other important topics down and off the bottom of the digests.

I had my settings for weekly digest. The risk with that is that if you don’t log in for one week, you receive a digest. But if let’s say in day 4 (out of 7) you log in on the website, then it means you no longer receive the digest at the end of the week, because they consider you went on the website and saw by yourself all that is new (which is not the case). At least this is my experience.
So I missed some important posts, even those related to Kabissa Operating Procedures, where Tobias invites us to debate about how to use this material best for all of us.

This is with the default settings as they were set up on my forum - now I’ve changed it so the default digest is daily.

(Tobias Eigen) #4

I found a hack that solves this problem for my purposes - but it won’t work for everyone. Really it deals with the issue that I am mingling an old blog with new discourse forums which has some odd, unique side effects.

On my site, the problem category is the blog category used for blog discussions. This is generating dozens, hundreds of topics automagically as search engines crawl them. Many of those posts are old and don’t really need discourse topics, and they were needlessly flooding email digests.

I have now removed access to the blog category for everyone, so new topics will no longer appear in digests for any of us. The embedded comments are also not displayed anymore below old topics that don’t need discussions.

When we have a new blog post that we do want to provide discussion for, we can move it out of the blog category and the comments will automagically be displayed… and it will appear on the forum and in digests.

So win:win and smiles all around.

(Tobias Eigen) #5

Quick update on this hack, and maybe a new bug related to category settings.

I want the blog category to really be gone and not displayed to anyone unless an admin goes to the category to look for autogenerated topics to move to other categories where we do want them to appear.

I thought that I could disable all access in the security settings, but wackily it doesn’t let me do this - instead it automatically and without informing me adds back in a security setting to allow me (presumably the user who tried to disable all access) to have access. This means that I continue to get notifications about new topics in the blog. Took me a while to figure out that it was doing this.

To fix this, I created a “nobody” group with nobody in it, and gave only that group access to the category. Now I will wait a day and see if I get them in my notifications but I am hopeful that I will not! :slight_smile:

(James Milligan) #6

Shouldn’t muting the category stop you getting notifications? i.e. retain access using your normal group, but just hit mute.

(Tobias Eigen) #7

Hmm… I guess you are right that I can do this to prevent myself from getting notifications. Thanks for the reminder about this feature which I have not been using.

I still think it should be possible for admins to just fully hide a category from everyone for whatever reason - for archiving topics or temporarily moving topics into or whatever use case.

(bryanlarsen) #8

Is there a timeline for this feature? It would be nice to use discourse to provide comments for scenes at Free 3D Models, Download or Edit Online · However, the primary purpose of our discourse install at is for support and discussion about itself, and we can’t have scene discussions overwhelming either our front page or digest emails. We have about ~40,000 public scenes in, and a couple of hundred discourse posts. Thanks.

(Cyprien Decouty) #9

Do you have any timeframe for this feature ? Exclude categories from digest emails in administration console would be very useful for a lot of use cases.

(Ville S) #10

It’s been a while since last message here. Is this possible with current Discourse version?

(Charles Walter) #11

We have it in our community running on 1.7

(Ville S) #12

So I was blind when first going trough the settings pages - thanks!

The feature can be found from Settings -> Email -> digest suppress categories :slight_smile: