How to expose host plugins volume for use in container?

(Jason Crenshaw) #1

So the idea of having to declare plugins as part of the the container declaration and rebuild any time you want to add additional functionality to discourse seems a bit of a drawn out processes.

Maybe I’m just doing it wrong or don’t understand why it’s important, but is there a way to mount a host volume to the docker container and use THAT for plugins instead of building the plugins directory on the container build?

This would allow me to work with plugins directly, have them remain persistent and I wouldn’t have to rebuild after every change.

Having the site die for 8 minutes at a time if I’m making changes makes me cringe.

(Sam Saffron) #2

You can mount anything anywhere, but you still will need to restart and precompile assets after changing plugins

If you are after cutting down on downtime use a data container

You can bootstrap a new web container while old one is running