How to find all non-active users?

Can we find the list of all users somewhere who didn’t get verified (i.e. who didn’t click on the link sent to them thru their mail and are thus inactive).
Currently, as I understand, I’ll have to go to Admin Settings> Users. And there find the GRAYED OUT names of users.


If you go to Admin Settings>Users>Invites to will see the list of Invited User - all the invitations sent by date, those which are expired, and with an option for each invite: Delete or Resend.
Hope this is what you are looking for.

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But I’ve not invited them.

They’re those users which tried to register, but never clicked on the link sent to them thru their mail.

P. S. I know the problems it can arise if the mail address they filled was wrong. I’ve read many posts here. But I was asking if there is such an option to know the such inactive users at one place?

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Don’t know for sure but if you go to users then download/export there’s a score or more headers you can sort by in excel etc. You’ll be able to do some kind of lookup in 5 minutes or so probably.


Yes, everything that is listed under the various headings in the dashboard are presented as one spreadsheet so you don’t have to click through each heading. Same info, just everything at once.

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