How to get messages from forum (Mobile Alerts )

(BalU) #1

I have subscribed to one forum which is using discourse, I want mobile message alerts from that forum regard one particular categorie(s). How can I get those alerts? Please suggest me possibilities.

Thank you


Install the Discourse app. Just search “Discourse” in the App Store of your device and it should pop up.

You could change the Alert level (to Watching I think) so you get all notifications in that channel.

(BalU) #3

@SmoothModeler I installed App also. In app it just opening webpage.I want message alert. Is there any #plugin for getting messages?


Press the “+” icon located at the top left of your screen. Enter the webpage of the forum, log in, authorize and you should get notifications. Make sure to allow the app to display push notification in your devices settings.

(Sam Saffron) #5

Note, this a limited form of push notifications. It sort-of works on iOS, and does not work on Android.

Only customers hosted by Discourse get proper push notifications cause the information has to flow through our servers to Apple / Android.