How to get this latest view as the default latest list view for mobile

Hi all,

I am attempting to get this specific latest view as seen on the category-latest page:

Replacing the default latest view on places like this, preferably only for mobile:

My reasoning for this is that if only that would be different, the desktop view is pretty much usable as a mobile theme too, which I find (the way I set it up) a lot more beautiful. Perhaps some minor css edits are still necessary but this is currently for me the biggest caveat.

Hope someone can help me with this :).

Am I right in assuming you’ve developed your own theme for your site, or chosen something other than a default theme?

If you take a look at this site on meta you will see that it does show the design you are looking for:

In the admin section, have you selected the “enable mobile theme”? This will ensure that mobile-friendly is the default for mobile devices (which gives the user the option to switch to the desktop view), but if you have a fully-responsive design you can replace this.


Ah right - I thought I actually had that turned on. Only issue is that my css for categories don’t display on mobile as they do on desktop :confused: But that is a different css issue to solve.