How to have all post (answers) as wiki by default?

(Hugo Lpz) #1

Would be good in some use cases, like our.

The wiki functionality being, if possible, available to regular users only.

Thoughts on a plugin which turns discourse into stackoverflow
(Daniela) #2

I think this query convert only the OP (aka first post) for every thread in a specific category

(Régis Hanol) #3

There’s the “Make new topics wikis by default” in a category but that’s only for the first post. If you want all other posts, you’ll have to write a plugin.

(Angus McLeod) #4

You can try modifying this plugin I haven’t released yet if you like.

You’ll need to modify this logic slightly.

(Hugo Lpz) #5

Thanks so much. May be a good start for a beginner at Ruby / Discourse plugins creation :slight_smile:

You’ll need to modify this logic slightly. (archive)

(Angus McLeod) #6

No worries. If you get stuck just post here and we’ll figure it out.