How to hide some categories or subcategories

(TLH) #1

Hi guys,

Please help me answer this question!
I would like to create a category with hundreds of subcategories, and I don’t want these subcategories to clog up the webpage when I browse through “Categories.” Is there anyway way to hide certain categories so that they won’t show up on the ‘Categories’ page? Or is there a way to hide just the subcategories?

Thank you for your help!

(Kane York) #2

Why do they need to be categories? Would they be better suited as tags?

(TLH) #3

@riking: It’s because I’m thinking about having a separate page for each subcategory and visitors can create new topics right in the page. For example: I’d like to put the subcategories Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean and many more into the Asian cuisine category, and members can start new topic on Korean foods right in the Korean subcategory instead of tagging this topic under the Asian cuisine category. I think it’s less convenient to do this with tags, besides the visitors can go directly to a subcategory by using search function as well.

Thank you!

(Michael Downey) #4

With tags, you can display a list of all topics with a given tag, and also search for posts with that tag. The only thing that wouldn’t be possible that it sounds like you want is a button to create a new topic with a given tag, perhaps on the tag listing page. That seems like it would be a nice feature IMHO…


This is something that I am interested in - Tags wouldnt work in our situation I believe due to the fact that the categories are controlled by group to only allow access to a few people.