How to hide the click counter on a link?

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How can I hide the click counter on a link in a post?



You can make your link in comment
like this
disable this setting

   track external right clicks

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There is no way to hide the counter on a real link?

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CSS targeting span.clicks ?

But don’t you think some members might be interested in seeing the count as an indicator of link quality / relevance / or popularity ?

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I’d like to hide the counter on only one specific link. It’s a call to action.

How can i target it using CSS?

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Well, the in-post and topic map click counters look to be easy enough to target with some simple CSS

But to have them show for all but one URL not so easy.

In the topic map, the counter and link are in separate table cells.

But in a post you might have some luck targeting the link’s href value and hiding the nested span.

But why? Nothing personal, but it seems pretty shady with no benefit that I can think of.

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To just hide the counter on links to:

You could use the following CSS customisation:

a[href=""] span.clicks {
  display: none;

I would suggest leaving it though as the higher the number the more likely people will click it - as a call to action this give it value.


Fo all links you need test this code in your customize > css_html

css :

.badge-notification.clicks {
display: none;

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