How to hide the setting "Send me an email for every new post"?

(ljpp) #1

Just realized that this is a freaking dangerous setting, when someone on my board enabled it.

If you have lots of users and thousands of weekly new posts, this setting is going to exhaust your email service plan, costing a lot of money. This really should be a admin-only feature IMHO.

How do I hide or disable this setting from the end-users?

(Felix Freiberger) #2

There is currently no secure way to force this setting to be off permanently – but you can hide the setting and then disable it for all users once:

(ljpp) #3

Fantastic - that does the trick. Just looked at my mail server logs and noticed that one user enabled it yesterday and got 400 emails in 24 hours :open_mouth:. I am on the 10k Mailgun free plan, so that was a bit too much.

(Jeff Atwood) #4