How to implement SSO to YourMembership

(Jen) #1

Hi everyone,

We are a parents’ group with about 2,000 users. We used to be on BigTent with a thriving online discussion community, and recently moved to a new association management platform called YourMembership. Unfortunately their forums are a huge disaster right now, so I am researching alternatives for the discussion forums piece, while still using YourMembership for everything else (membership management, CRM, website content, events, etc.). So far I really like what I see about Discourse.

This is probably a basic (newbie) question, but here goes: How would I implement SSO? YourMembership have their own API that they’ve published, so does this mean that I can’t use the Official Discourse SSO plugin, but would need to write a custom login plugin on the Discourse side to get this working?

Thank you!!

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

They don’t provide much documentation, but it appears that their SSO stuff should be compatible with Discourse and that you can just plug the Right Things into the settings. One would think that they’d be willing to give you a hand figuring it out.

(Jen) #3

Ok. We are embarking on writing a custom login plugin. We’ve found a Omniauth strategy for authenticating to YourMembership.

Now we need to put the pieces together.

Is there any tutorial or how-to for writing a Discourse login plugin? We’ve been looking at source code of other examples but it’s still a bit mysterious. I feel like this has got to be relatively straightforward - just need some tips to get us going.

Thanks for helping!