How to install Discourse on $5 Droplet on DigitalOcean

(Dheeraj Kumar) #1

Guys, I am low on Budget and want to install Discourse on DigitalOcean but whenever I try to create a new droplet, it says that I can’t install Discourse on a $5 droplet even though space and Ram is Increased by DigitalOcean.
Is there any way by which we can install Discourse on top of Ubuntu Droplet ($5)?


I have my site running on the $5 droplet without issue, however I did it from scratch. Not from the premade image that DO offers.

Follow the 30 minute installation guide, and you will be up and running in no time.


Could you share more details? screenshot or a log to see exactly the error?

(Dheeraj Kumar) #4

Installed using Discourse guide on github. previously i was trying to install using 1 click app which do not allow $5 plan.

(Dheeraj Kumar) #5

Can you tell me how much registered users and views per day it can handle without crashing


That is almost impossible to say, as it really depends on how active the users are. Posts per minute, average read time, how many images are posted, read/etc.

Best bet is to start with a small droplet. Scaling upwards is pretty easy on DO.

(Toan Ngo) #7

If you’re a student, I’d suggest starting with a 50 DigitalOcean coupon from Github education. That’s enough to run discourse and play around with it for 5 months.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

10 months, as a $5 droplet meets the Discourse requirements (1GB RAM, 10+GB disk).

(Vaping Community) #9

When I installed discourse it only allows you to select the $10 option…

(Cameron:D) #10

That’s because you’re selecting the one-click install option, which is not the supported way of running an install.

(Jeff Atwood) #11

That is because for political reasons Digital Ocean has to be against using swap on their droplets. If you follow the install guide, everything works fine with 1GB RAM, and that’s been the official supported guidance for years.

(Jason Costello) #12

i didn’t have a good experience with the one click install.