How to Install Discourse on Dreamhost VPS?

(Jijo Jose) #1

Hello Discourse community,

Is there a guide somewhere which I can follow to install discourse on my Dreamhost VPS. I am a complete noob when it comes to linux, so I am looking a guide which layman can understand.

Thank you.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Does Dreamhost VPS support Docker? That’s question number one.

(Jijo Jose) #3

No, they don’t.

Can you please suggest me a host which has one click install and which is affordable($15-20 per month).

Thank you.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

We recommend Digital Ocean in our 30 minute E-Z install guide.

(Jijo Jose) #5

Thank you.

Almost completed installing discourse. :smile:

(Doug McCaughan) #6

I already have email lists and users setup on Dreamhost. Is there a way to setup digital ocean without having to point to their DNS? Couldn’t dreamhost continue to host the MX record?

(cpradio) #7

Yes, you’d have to enter custom DNS records for the domain in question, here is an example (as I did it with Vultr, so it should be the same with DO).

The first entry is for using mandrill and mandrill provides that value. (not required if you are not using mandrill)
The second is an A record that points to your DO IP (or my Vultr IP)
The third is also related to mandrill (not required if you are not using mandrill)
The fourth is another A record, this time for handling SSH, should point to your DO IP
The firth record is yet another A record, for www requests, should point to your DO IP

I should also mention that DreamHost has DreamCompute now too, which may be able to run a Discourse instance (I haven’t tested that yet though, so YMMV).

They also have VPS setups that give you root access, so it should handle docker too.

(Doug McCaughan) #8

Thanks. I am not overly thrilled with Dreamhost VPS nor am I terribly dissatisfied. Just have too much invested in it to make big changes at the moment. May have to give DreamCompute a test drive.

(dehuszar) #9

Dreamhost doesn’t support Docker, but they don’t disapprove of it either. With a VPS account there’s nothing stopping you from using the Ubuntu installation instructions.