How to install on a subdomain?


I’ll try to install this weekend. I can install on a sub-domain? example: = Installation of Wordpress from Godaddy = Installation of Discourse of the Digital Ocean

Is it possible? Or do I have to have a domain for each?

(Benjamin Kampmann) #2

shouldnt’ be any problem. Meta is also running under this subdomain, while www shows a static web-page. Same for the setup I have for my community.



but they are on the same host, no? I try to put the sub-domain in a different host. Do not know yet if it will work.

(Dave H) #4

As long as you set up the DNS records correctly, using a subdomain is no different than using a separate domain completely. Try and you will see. :wink:

(system) #5

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Yes, go for it! This is the recommended setup.

If you want discourse in a subfolder, or to set up discourse at the apex domain, that is when things get weird. :wink:

(Jeff Atwood) #7