How to install this theme?

(DjCyry) #1

Hello guys ,

I found this theme , shared by @levlaz :

On github : GitHub - circleci/discourse-styles: Less styles for

The problem is i dont know how install it , i have install it like
a plugin , i have copy-paste all css files into my discourse css and didnt work

Can anyone explain me how its works , how can i install it ?
I like it very much , i want it for my community .


(Régis Hanol) #2

Have you tried what they say in the workflow paragraph?

(DjCyry) #3

Well , i dont understand it (worflow) at all .

(Régis Hanol) #4
  1. Clone the repository locally
  2. Run gulp (you might have to install it)
  3. Modify one of the .less files (just add a whitespace somewhere) - that will put the compiled CSS in your clipboard
  4. Go to Admin > Customize > CSS/HTML and paste the CSS
  5. Save the customisation to have it being applied

(DjCyry) #5

I have install gulp (ubuntu 14.04 lts on DO) , didnt work .
I have also cloned on cd /var/discourse and allso in cd /

root@vps249065:/var/discourse# gulp
/usr/bin/env: node: No such file or directory

root@vps249065:# gulp
/usr/bin/env: node: No such file or directory

(Jeff Wong) #6

Sounds like you have the gulp binary but not nodejs installed… You’re going to need that too

(DjCyry) #7

Its installed.

I dont know…i will wait for anyone that can share the css :frowning:

(Kane York) #8

On ubuntu, you need the nodejs-legacy package. Install that too.

(DjCyry) #9

This is too much for me :frowning:

root@vps249065:/var/discourse/discourse-styles# gulp
[21:56:50] Using gulpfile /var/discourse/discourse-styles/gulpfile.js
[21:56:50] Starting 'less'...
[21:56:50] Starting 'watch'...
[21:56:50] Finished 'watch' after 6.6 ms
[Error: no writecb in Transform class]
[21:56:50] 'less' errored after 167 ms
[21:56:50] Error: no writecb in Transform class
    at afterTransform (/var/discourse/discourse-styles/node_modules/gulp-less/node_modules/through2/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_stream_transf                           orm.js:75:33)
    at TransformState.afterTransform (/var/discourse/discourse-styles/node_modules/gulp-less/node_modules/through2/node_modules/readable-stream/lib                           /_stream_transform.js:59:12)
    at /var/discourse/discourse-styles/node_modules/gulp-less/index.js:58:14
    at tryCatchReject (/var/discourse/discourse-styles/node_modules/gulp-less/node_modules/accord/node_modules/when/lib/makePromise.js:845:30)
    at runContinuation1 (/var/discourse/discourse-styles/node_modules/gulp-less/node_modules/accord/node_modules/when/lib/makePromise.js:804:4)
    at Rejected.when (/var/discourse/discourse-styles/node_modules/gulp-less/node_modules/accord/node_modules/when/lib/makePromise.js:625:4)
    at (/var/discourse/discourse-styles/node_modules/gulp-less/node_modules/accord/node_modules/when/lib/makePromise.js:483:13)
    at Scheduler._drain (/var/discourse/discourse-styles/node_modules/gulp-less/node_modules/accord/node_modules/when/lib/Scheduler.js:62:19)
    at Scheduler.drain (/var/discourse/discourse-styles/node_modules/gulp-less/node_modules/accord/node_modules/when/lib/Scheduler.js:27:9)
    at process._tickCallback (node.js:415:13)

(DjCyry) #10

If anyone use that style , please share the css .
Or if anyone can help me to install it into my testing server
for copy the css and then paste it into my official website i will be grateful .

(Stefano Costa) #11

I just wanted to add that since you’ll be copying and pasting the CSS in the Discourse admin, there is no need for the workflow to be done on the server. You can just do the same steps on your laptop, perhaps it will be easier to install what is needed to run the commands correctly. I hope this helps you, otherwise I will see if I can send you the CSS myself.

(DjCyry) #12

If you can ,please send my the css .

(Simon Cossar) #13

You can probably convert the less to css here: LESS2CSS | LESS Live Preview

Copy the contents of the files that are listed in main.less, in the order that they are listed in main.less, into the LESS window. Don’t copy main.less - it’s just importing files. The output should show up in the CSS window. It might take a bit off fooling around to get it to work,

(DjCyry) #14

Thans a lot , its working :slight_smile:
Now , how can i center/edit this notice :

css_theme.txt (29.5 KB)

(Felix Freiberger) #15

There’s a setting to disable this message, search for show create topics notice and disable it.