How to let users accept TOS when they sign up?

(Anton) #1

I though there should be a site setting checkbox to turn this checkbox on/off, but I can’t find it. Please drop me a hint.

(Robin Ward) #2

There used to be a site setting for this, but it was migrated to user fields. Go under customize > user fields and add whatever fields you want for signup.

(Anton) #3

I tried to create a checkbox user field, but I can’t make it required for the signup process.
Just made a test and anyone can register without checking the checkbox.

Is there a way to make registration fail if no checkbox is checked?

(Robin Ward) #4

Did you check “Required as signup” when you created the confirm box? If you did that it should be required when a uesr signs up. One thing to make sure you do once you create the field is to refresh any browsers that are going to sign up so they get the latest user field information.

(Anton) #5

Yes, I did.

Then I signed up in a new anonymous mode, and the activation email went through without me checking the checkbox.

(Anton) #6

Okay sorry ignore my previous message.
I checked it again and somehow the checkbox didn’t save.
Now it works as expected.
Thank you - this topic can now be closed.

(Régis Hanol) #7