How to login to system user (what's the password of user "system")?

(无限星辰) #1

Hi, I just wondering how to login to the system user? what’s the password of user “system”?
the username “system”

I need to change some site settings and import from another forum software(discuz!)


(Stefano Costa) #2

Not sure this will solve your need, but you can impersonate the “system” user by visiting and using the Impersonate function.


I’m in version 1.8.0.beta4
Could be that discourse lost this feature to impersonate the system user? :neutral_face:


You don’t need to be logged in as system user in order to change settings? Any admin can do this?

(Andrew Waugh) #5

You only need to be logged in as an admin, there is no need to impersonate the user system.

(system is, as it were, a demon)


Yes, but… I need to post some text and I did not want to post “as admin”.
If I can write it as “system”, much better. :wink:

(Joe Buhlig) #7

If it’s a new topic, write it on your account and change the owner to system. What text are you trying to post?

(Chris Beach) #8

I ended up creating a special account for this purpose, as opposed to using “system.”

The issue with using system is that it doesn’t have an email address, so you won’t know when your forum members have PM’d it. Also, you might be tempted to change the username from “system,” but this is discouraged for technical reasons.

Having a new branded account gives you more control, and lets you put in an email address so you’ll see notifications. As admin you can change ownership of posts to the branded account.