How to manage Database? Uninstall Discourse etc


If I want to delete current DB and start Discourse all over from the beginning, how can I do this?

I want to know these basic steps: Uninstall/Re-install Discourse, Manage database, etc? or would you tell me what should I learn?

And one more,… where is the location of uploaded images?

Happy new year :smiley:

(Erick Guan) #2
  1. Backup.
  2. Delete /shared/app folder.(CAUTION: deletes the world)
  3. Restore or fresh start.


I don’t have /shared/app folder, but /shared/standalone folder.

and what if I configured multisite?

(Erick Guan) #4

Well, cleaning /shared/* is just alright. If unknown, use Discourse backup and restore.

If you are on multisite, the database file and uploads will be separated.

Uploaded files are in web-only/uploads(multisite).


Where is web-only…?

And do you mean if I want to delete only the second site… then don’t touch /shared but delete /web-only/uploads ?

I’m confused :dizzy_face:

(Erick Guan) #6

You don’t need to manage all the data manually at all.

Just backup and download all of data. Then
rm -rf shared/*

You can setup your new discourse since then. And inspect whatever files in the backup which contains all Discourse data.


One more following question to clarify.

I want to delete only multisite (configured it with: Multisite configuration with Docker)

Then deleting this is right? or are there more folders & files to delete?


(Kane York) #8

Yes, that should be close enough to everything.