How to manage Interlink after change topic title?

Today I have created post tile like this “t/abc-xyz-ltd/5125” and create interlink from that post.

Now if I change that post title like that “t/abc-ltd/5125” but still created interlink goes to this page “t/abc-xyz-ltd/5125” and redirect to new topic.

How can manage interlink to after change topic title?

I hope question will be clear.

Please let me know if you have any suggestion or idea for implementation?

Also, Found below topic for use this method “t/-/5125” to create internal link, is this good practice or any new suggestion recommend?

What is your question exactly? Do you want to be sure that your links will work after changing their title (they will) or do you want the link you already posted to have their title part (“abc-xyz-ltd”) updated after changing the topic title ? In this case, as far as I know the only way is editing links manually.

As long as the correct ID for the topic is in the URL after the part where the title should be it will work. I use the hyphen trick to link to topics when sites block long URLs from being posted. :slight_smile:

As written here you can change the “abc-xyz-ltd” part of your link by whatever you want, the link is only identified by its ID.


The - can be anything else as well, @ClawdiaWolf said that she used this to reduce the url length, but I think people (and maybe even crawlers) prefer a link which is descriptive of what will be found on the target page.


My question about “title part (“abc-xyz-ltd”) updated after changing the topic title”.

Thank you for your reply.

Updated where?

If you have links that have the old title they will continue to work, but if you want them changed you’ll need to edit them.


As it says in the part you quoted, I use that on sites that would otherwise block the link from being posted because of the URL being too long. I just used that as a very simple example of why the title slug isn’t important in the URL as long as the ID is correct. :slight_smile:


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