How to measure efficiency of workers in conjunction with Discourse posts

(Admir Hodzic) #1

In our company we use Discourse beside other things as Help support for our users.
As time pasts i have needs to statically look at time spend on support.
In our team there is 5 members before we used Corey Trager’s BugTracker
There was two very nice features Tasks and Custom Queries.
Disocurce is far better then Bug-tracker but I miss features to attach tasks to post.
Also to query posts with tasks so I can compare what was done previously.
I was trying to learn making plugins so i can extend discource in way I like but I am
.NET developer and it is far away to be able customize discource so much.

I hope so that I am not only one which using discource for doing business where tasks needs to be measured.
So I am asking here what will be easy and smooth way to measure tasks which resident in Discourse.

I saw that there is already plugin which integrate ZenDesk and Discource Create Zendesk Tickets from Discourse posts
I hope so that soon there will be some other plugins whic will integrate or extend Discourse whit some sisytem for tasking and mesuring workers.

Using discourse as a community ticket system