How to modify continue link button for invitation

We have already implemented sso with discourse and it is working fine.

But for invitee user,

1.) Login as admin and invite user (e.g., personal account)

2.) Open incognito mode, open personal email and click link from Discourse to accept invitation.

3.) Discourse website has a “Continue” button, allowing user to visit Discourse website. Link points to the sso url, instead of [] (without session/sso).

How can we remove the session/sso from url? Basically we need to modify continue button url when invited user click on invitation link?

Ankit Trivedi

I am assuming that is the URL that you have set for your Discourse site’s discourse connect url setting. If so, I think that is the correct link to point the invited user to. They will need to login to your identity provider site and go through the SSO login process in order to create an account on Discourse.