How to Permanently Remove a Topic?

(Matheus) #1

Hi all,

I recently created a thread on my forum that was flagged as phishing by Google. I changed the thread title, thus the URL, but It seems that there’s still a historical of the old URL. Is there any way to permanently remove this thread, so the old URL is not accessible to anyone?

(Matheus) #2

I deleted the post, but admins can still see it.

(Nate D.) #3

As far as I know you cant delete anything (except when you’re doing a backup) over the gui.

(Kane York) #6

That’s admin-only - try opening a private browsing window Ctrl-Shift-N and viewing the topic.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

As @riking noted, it is deleted, it is only visible to staff now. Google won’t be able to see it and will get a 404.

To verify this for yourself, enter incognito mode (or use a different browser) and try navigating to that URL.

(Matheus) #8

Private browser still leads to the forum, but it says the URL is invalid or
visible for admins only.

That is the expected behavior, correct?

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Compare with a random URL you just made up like

Should be the same…

(Matheus) #10

Yep. Looks the same. Thanks for that.