How to place a folder with html files on a discourse setup?

It might be more a docker issue?

Anyway I try here.

I did setup discourse using this method: Howto install Discouse @ Vultr and import from Kunena3

But inside my discourse I need a folder

Where I host some old simple html files. How to do that?

I hope you can help!

This won’t work. Even if you added the folder, links from Discourse to this URL wouldn’t work because Discourse would try to route them internally.

What are you trying to achieve?

If you want to also have static content, using subdomains is the easiest way forward :slight_smile:


Well, what I need is static html content in a folder like: url/skadebogen

I dont need skadebogen.url

My users know the location url/skadebogen from earlier, so I would like to keep that location, if possible…

If you really, really want that, you’ll need a plugin. Maybe the Static Pages Plugin works for you?
An alternative would be hosting the content in a subdomain and using Discourse’s Permalink feature to set up a redirect to the new URL.


Hmm, okay it is more then 300 html files - a whole book I have in that folder… I will search wthat the permalink feature is… :wink: