How to post as the system account [Resolved]

How can i post as the system account on for example posts or make topics.

This can be done by admins and moderators if moderators change post ownership setting is enabled. (Thanks ondrej)

The site uses an owl for the system user icon.

  1. Create the topic as normal.
  2. Click the wrench icon.
  3. Click Select Posts
  4. Select the Post you want to change.

  1. Click Change Ownership.
  2. Select the system user


  1. Click change ownership.

This is what it now looks like in a listing.

One variation of this I use regularly is when maintaining our Wiki topics. I find the people don’t like to edit topics owned by a real person but are more comfortable editing topics when the owner is not a real person. Thus the Wiki user.

So that I don’t have to change accounts to have items owned by the user Wiki, I will do the work with my user that has admin rights and then change the ownership to the Wiki user.

See or Wiki category. The user Wiki owns most everything there.

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Thank you very much!
And thanks for your help!

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Moderators can also change post ownership if moderators change post ownership setting is enabled.