How to read Anonymous traffic from web report when forum is login-only?

(Carlton J. Spitbottom) #1

My site is login-only and I’ve been eyeballing the Web performance report for a few weeks and this (see below) caught my eye today. Is this accounted for as spider/crawler traffic? I just want to be sure my user list is not exposed publicly (via user_avatars/show).

Mostly just looking for an indication as to whether i need to dig deeper in to the logs to pull more information.

Thanks a bunch in advance!

[Anonymous] 33.90 621 -(26.89) - (POST)(2.54) static/show(2.10) session/create (POST)(1.24)

(Sam Saffron) #2

probably nothing to worry about, people logged out on phone and then tried to submit via site or something …you can always just look at NGINX logs direct to get a proper picture.

(Kane York) #3

Well, - means they visited the homepage
- (POST) means they’re worthless spam robots.
static/show means the /login page was rendered.
session/create means that someone logged in.
user_avatars/show probably means that someone linked their avatar offsite.

I think this actually is strong evidence of nothing being wrong.