How to recover a deleted user?

(Gur Dotan) #1


I’m a Discourse admin on our forum, and I’ve just accidentally deleted a use who is very important for us. Apparently all that user’s messages were also deleted. I asked that user to sign up again but he got this message:

“Error updating information, contact site admin”

Is there anyway to recover that user and all of his posts? We’re have our own SSO configured, just mentioning it though not sure it’s related.



(Jeff Atwood) #2

You should email us with details, we need the user ID.

The good news is that nothing was deleted except the user record; the posts and topics created by that user are still there. You can query out all the posts that were recently set to user = null, these will be that user’s posts most likely. Then you’ll need to go through each one and set owner back to the original user via the wrench menu.

Any idea how many posts / topics we are talking about here?

(Gur Dotan) #3

We’re talking about just five topics

Where should I email to?

(Gur Dotan) #4

Bump… @codinghorror I can’t find a support email anywhere, where should I send this to?

(Kane York) #5

(Gur Dotan) #6

Sent an email with all the details. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.