How to redirect from permalinks?



I need to redirect some URL that I do not know HOW a user linked from other site.
Example: Discourse Meta (that will be 404 error)

How to redirect to an existing topic id?

I tried /admin/customize/permalinks but does not work.

I hope you can understand me.

How to redirect a page to another page?
301 redirect from existing thread to external url, not working

@SidV permalinks are what you are looking for… if you wanted to create a permalink for the example URL, you’d enter just t/howto-redirect for the URL (without the transport protocol and (sub)domain name) and then choose the topic ID number you want it to point to.


I tried that, but did not work.
I tried redirect external url too, didn’t work :frowning:


Can you tell use what discourse version you’re using, as well as the exact values you are entering into the fields for the permalinks?


Versión v1.8.0.beta8 +57


Topic #14

But, if you enter to my forum: did not work, and shows 404 error.


Excuse me for the dump to this topic again.

Can someone give me an example of how you configured this part?

(Jide Ogunsanya) #7

Have you tried this?


Yes, that works only for categories.
But not in my case.

Can you try to redirect something like this?


Custom permalink for topics?