How to remove "Contributer" title from the users?

Hello, Everyone.

I want to remove the Contributor and other titles from the users… See here…Screenshot by Lightshot

Can anyone help me to do this?



Go in your admin -> badges -> edit the badges which don’t want users to be able to have the title of:
Uncheck this:


Thanks for the quick solution…

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I follow the setup you shared but it is not working… I have uncheck all the badges but Contributor title is still there.

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For the record, a badge title stays even if we disable or remove the badge in the admin settings. The only way I found to remove the title is manually edit the user. :man_shrugging:

In my opinion, a badge title should be removed in this case, but I guess that’s not possible in the current state if the title is stored as a string with no reference to the badge? I don’t know if it’s the case though.