How to remove some data on latest.RSS feeds?

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Any tips from the discourse expert?

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Your question doesn’t really say what you’re trying to do or why, but I think you’ll need a plugin.

See Search results for 'plugin #howto ' - Discourse Meta

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I want to remove those extra data on RSS feeds.

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Sample from this rss feed: Discourse Meta - Latest topics

You can see the extra data I mention above.

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I don’t know as I’d call it “extra” information. It relates to the Users and Replies columns

Some browers I see the RSS as text

          <title>How to remove some data on latest.RSS feeds?</title>
          <dc:creator><![CDATA[@RoldanLT Dan]]></dc:creator>
            <p><a href="">@RoldanLT</a> wrote:</p>
<li>image.png 1234x4567 89 KB</li>
<li>Posts: xx</li>
<li>Participants: xx</li>
            <p>Posts: 5</p>
            <p>Participants: 2</p>
            <p><a href="">Read full topic</a></p>
          <pubDate>Mon, 13 Aug 2018 03:38:59 +0000</pubDate>
          <guid isPermaLink="false"></guid>
          <source url="">How to remove some data on latest.RSS feeds?</source>

Some browsers styled

Anyway, I believe what you’ll want to work with are these two lines of code (or at least use as a starting point)

As for the images, I think you’re referring to those that are inside <description> when a post contains an image?