How to rename a Category? (safely)

(Philip Rhoades) #1

People, I have seen references to people renaming Categories and there being problems - but I can’t find out how the renaming is actually done. I have the default category “Uncategorised” with the first nine topics in there and I want to rename the Category to “General” - is there a way to do this without causing problems?



(Philip Rhoades) #2

OK, I have found the “Edit” option for categories - but I am still nervous about changing the name because of previously reported problems . . . is it now safe to rename categories? (Version 1.0.1).

(Jens Maier) #3

Renaming the uncategorized category should be safe. If I recall correctly, most of the probems that were reported with that category had to do with users changing other settings such as the category’s permissions. This has since been disabled in the UI, though.

(Philip Rhoades) #4

OK, giving it a go - seems to be working so far . .


(Kane York) #5

The problems came about when they tried to use it as a normal category - uncategorized, Staff, and Lounge all have special treatment in the code (in decreasing order of specialness).

Some notes:

  • Their security is reset on every update
  • Lounge can be safely deleted
  • The FAQ/TOS/Privacy topics are the source of the displayed documents, and have special markdown processing too

Rename STAFF category to MODERATORS