How to reset reports?

Hello there.

I want to know that if it is possible to reset my forums reports. I’ve searched it on meta.discourse but couldn’t find anyone who talked about this. Any help will be appreciated.


What reports are you referring to? The reports on the admin panel? The daily log report?

The reports on admin panel. Lets say “number of likes” report. Can I reset just this one? Or, can I reset all of them?

Those reports are only stored in cache, so even if you clear the cache will make it recompute.
To reset the likes log you should delete the likes from the database or remove them from topics. Is it not enough to choose the dates you want to see the report on?

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So, can I say that discourse gets these reports from database? If so, I assume that I can execute some SQL query and remove them, right? If I’m correct, I just need to look database structure and write some query that will remove things that I want to remove, am I right?

Well, yes.

You can manipulate the database, but the risk of breaking something is high. Make sure you make backups of the site before touch it.


Why would you like to remove all the likes in your forum? (That’s basically what you’re asking)