How to resolve email Received in spam folder?

I have installed one click discourse from digital ocean. Also setup email ids at zoho.

i have read that zoho emails not work well with digital ocean that why setup sendgrid for emails.

Now i have 3 email ids in zoho and there mx record add at my domain registrar.

Also, Sendgrid mx and text record added in my domain registrar.

Now i will received mail for new user sign up but its goes in spam folder.

Can any one help me. where i making configuration?

Out of interest what domain suffix are you using? One of the more reliable ones like .com, .org etc.?

Using .com domain! is there any tool to identify which thing cause to my mail going to spam folder?

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Per the documentation, use

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I have found below message in

“No SPF entry found for the domain

In my sendgrind account Domain Authentication and Link Branding - Status show - verified.

Can anyone help me, What to do next for resolve this error?

Issue with your DNS?:

Verified means you’ve put your DKIM key as a TXT record in your domain?

You also need another TXT record with mail host’s specified SPF entry - have you done that?

something like:

"v=spf1 ~all"


Are you unable to search the Internet for how to topics related to configuring your email?

You may wish to hire someone to assist you in configuring your email settings.

If i want to change small modification like smtp port change or password change.

Should i enter every time enter below command or any other method?

…/launcher rebuild app

I’m not an expert, but I think it will depend what you mean by “modifications like” and “other methods”. My take is that anytime you upgrade, assets need to be recompiled, or there are configuration changes, then yes, rebuild app.

For other changes that are made to database values, then it’s not necessary to rebuild app. Those changes should take effect immediately, though if a “job” setting it will be when the job runs. And I guess some changes my need a page refresh or maybe clearing the browser cache to see the effect of the change.

I think if you only make changes to the environment section you only need to restart, not rebuild. Any other changes need a rebuild.

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