How to resubscribe to Mandrillapp Email Notifications?

(Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai) #1


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My question is that when a user who has clicked the unsubscribe link at the footer of email sent by Mandrillapp, and he is unsubscribed from future email notifications and see this on the browser:

You’ve been unsubscribed.
Your email address,, has been removed from our mailing list. We’re sorry to see you go, but we won’t be sending any more email to your address.

How can he resubscribe to email notifications and receive regular email updates of the forum through Mandrillapp again?

(Kane York) #2

That’s a good question. He might be able to change his email address on the forum? Not sure how it’s handled by Mandrill.

(Dean Taylor) #3

This is what the Mandrill support page says:

But obviously this only applies if you have the Mandrill unsubscribe footer enabled.
I would suggest you don’t need it as you should already have the Discourse one which looks like this:

###What happens when someone unsubscribes?

When someone unsubscribes using a Mandrill unsubscribe link, the information is sent back to Mandrill to process . The message status is changed to Unsubscribe, and a sender-level rejection is added for that recipient address.

While the email is on the Rejection Blacklist, if you're using the same 'from' address on emails sent through Mandrill, any emails sent to that recipient will be rejected. The rejection is temporary, and in many cases it doesn't make sense for people to unsubscribe from transactional emails. However, this allows senders to get feedback about how people are engaged with their emails and the rejection prevents continued sending to someone who has signaled they don't wish to receive more emails.

You may remove an email address from the Rejection Blacklist list for a small reputation hit. Recipients shouldn't be removed in bulk from the rejection list since they're there because of a bounce, unsubscribe, or abuse complaint. Mistakes happen, or recipients don't always understand, so removing recipients from the rejection list is possible.

Note: The MailChimp *|UNSUB|* merge tag would need to be modified to include a URL for the Mandrill unsubscribe merge tag if you're already using a MailChimp template.

(Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai) #4

DeanMark you helped me out! Thank you. You are right I had checked the option of “Add Unsubscribe Footer” in mandrill by going to Settings > Sending Defaults.I have now unchecked that

I have whitelisted the emails from the Rejection Lists. Was such a great option!

Though mandrill is not yet sending emails again to that blocked id but I guess may it would take some time like waiting a day or more. Or may be Gmail is not letting these emails to be received, I have checked the spam folder of that blocked id but its empty and so is the inbox. Lets wait and watch