How to revert the icons back to buttons?

I would like to convert this icon back to buttons. Based on their CSS, they are buttons and then icons where just placed on it.

What would be the best way to edit it back?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Simply add custom CSS to your taste at Admin, Customize.


This will make the button in the post controls match the button at the bottom of the topic

Like so:
blue button

.post-controls {
	button.create {
	    // inhrit the tertiary color from the color scheme
		background: $tertiary; 

		&:not(.d-hover):not(:hover) {
			span {
			    // change the text and icon color to white when not hovered
				color: white; 

Thanks @lll and @codinghorror

Giving everyone a summary of post-control buttons that I have encountered:

Class name for the following buttons/icons

  1. create —> 22%20PM
  2. like —> 10%20PM
  3. share —> 07%20PM
  4. bookmark —> 57%20PM
  5. show-more-actions —> 12%20PM

After an action:

  1. has-like —> 25%20PM
  2. like-count —> 42%20PM

If you use discourse-solved plugin:

  1. unaccepted —> 58%20PM
  2. accepted —> 43%20PM

Most elements in the post-controls class are consist of a button, i, span.