How to run Discourse in an Enterprise Environment

(Christopher Semmler) #1

Seriously, I love your software. I mean, the output of what you created is just great. Yet, this horrible mess of Ruby and dependency here and there, Docker over there … it is just a mess.
Just right now I am stuck within our very own company on a dedicated server which only runs Ruby applications and Discourse can’t get up again.
Everything is so transparent. Pulling for 454ac42e51a9 just runs into naught. What acutally is this? I totally rely on a Docker setup, which I honestly not condone just to find out that we are obviously f**d?

What I would like to see from you guys here is actually:

  • How to build this web application on a dedicated Ruby server,
  • how to migrate to a Postgres machine and
  • how to let nGinx be the dedicated host for delivering the application?

Why hasn’t anybody asked about that? I have been lurking the forums for months, and everything I saw refers to the “Docker Setup”. Yeah great, my Docker setup ist now broken as it pulls from nowhere for days. How on earth can a conservative system administrator fix this?

Unfortunately, a ton of our internal documentation regarding other systems is stored in our setup and our clients want Discourse. But how can I sell Discourse if it is broken here and I can’t even do anything as I am being left blinded by a docker pull and nothing happens? This is not what we call “Enterprise Grade”. How can we overcome this? Is there a way how to reach out to Enterprise first tier support, do you have this?

(Christopher Semmler) #2

Just to let you know, we ship this system: Office Butler, which is being delivered to highly selected clients. It sports a BSD ZFS based NAS, a PfSense dedicated HW Networking cartridge and a XenServer VM runner.

We do not serve the average client but highly dedicated ones. That is why we produce our very own hardware. Yet, our recent setups seem to be broken. This is very unsatisfying as we only serve clients with a high level of demand.

Great, now everything is broken and we can’t fix it as every docker pull goes into nowhere. Is there some way how us Enterprise clients can hook up with someone from the professional team? We are very willing to pay licenses. Just to get these weird issues fixed. We are very well educated in CentOS, RedHat, Debian and Ubuntu.

(Christopher Semmler) #3

Disclaimer: I am a Python and Java guy. So please have some patience with me, ok? Especially as I am also mostly working with either Xen oder MaaS environments. Can you please point me to a simple solution that is comprehensible to a non-Ruby guy? Thank you, guys!

(James) #4

Your ego stenches mate, no need to downgrade the community like that.

(Christopher Semmler) #5

I did not want to downgrade the community at all, I am just somewhat allergic at Docker as there is just something happening where we have no control whatsoever.

Plus, I am not an English native speaker, so please be so kind as to apologise if my phrases do not sound polite. My native language is German and thus we address problems directly as we want to solve them easily. If it sounds harsh, then I do apologise but I am pretty sure other people also have that question and want to solve that issue.

(Jay Pfaffman) #6

What is your actual problem?

What happens when you try to rebuild?

What happens if you

git pull

There are no license fees. If you’d like help getting your system up again, you can post in #marketplace or contact and I’ll get you going. I’m traveling now, so I might not be as quick to respond as I typically do.

(Andrew Waugh) #7

What is your host OS?
What version of Docker are you running (Docker info)?
How did you install Discourse ?

The vast majority of us just install per discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub, thereafter updates are mostly via /admin/upgrades, or “./launcher rebuild app”

(Richard - #8

Have you ever considered outsourcing the hosting? DiscourseHosting offers hosting in the USA or Germany and we have all the paperwork in place to keep your legal people happy as well. PM me for more info.

We are a separate company and unaffiliated with

(Jeff Atwood) #9

We have hundreds of sites running the official Discourse Docker image since 2014 with no issues whatsoever, and upgrading regularly without incident. Can you clarify exactly what the problem is?