How to send bulk email to users with name of the user

Hello Friends,

I used Elastic Email in my website and i want to send bulk email to the inactive users with mentioning the name of the user in the email.

for exmaple:

Hello User_name,

so every inactive user can see his name in top of the message.

Thanks in advance.

To export usernames and emails you don’t need the data explorer plugin. It’s far simpler to use the export function at /admin/users. The export has full name (if entered), username, email, and last posted and last seen dates, so you can use those to determine who is “inactive”.


Who knew there was an export button there!?!! I shoulda just kept quiet on this one!


Exporting user information is a common requirement for a community, hence the dedicated button. Data explorer is a great plugin to have and know how to use regardless!

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