How to set a default category for a new topic?

(Boopathi S) #1

i want to create a new topic during creation of topic it shows options for select a category instead of that i wish to show a category names. or default category names. Is there any changes has to be done in settings? suggest me


Are you asking to choose a custom category to be selected by default instead of ā€œuncategorizedā€?

(Boopathi S) #3

on creating a new topic for every user i have to select a category ā€¦on that drop down first value is select a category ā€¦displays defaultly instead of that i wish to select respective category for that any settings possible


This is what I figured you were implying. Thank you for the clarification.

This has been brought up before:

As of right now, the behavior you are expecting does not exist in Discourse.

I offered a solution; it has yet to be taken on, if ever.