How to set category based user group

(lokendra) #1

My requirement is that i want set user groups on the based of category.
Any idea for that ?

(Régis Hanol) #2

If you want to restrict a category to a group then you have to edit the category’s permissions and add that group.

(lokendra) #3

No, let me explain my problem…

Each course of my application creating category on discourse via API.

Courses user role like User, Mentor and Course Author, there may be possibility a user could be mentor in a course and Course author on another course.

So i need manage that type role on specific in specific category( Course ), any idea how we can achive it ?

(lokendra) #4

Overall my basic need show the user specific role title in discussion thread…

(Lucas Nicodemus) #5

It sounds almost like you’re trying to create an LMS. If your end goal is to have courses that are semi-ephemeral and created on demand, you might consider using something like Canvas over Discourse.

You could create groups that are “for a specific category” but you’d have to do everything via the API or a plugin. That being said, Discourse doesn’t currently hold support for category specific moderators, and as a result, I don’t think you’d get any real benefit from doing this unless the goal is just to aesthetically display “this person is a mentor in this course.”

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